About me

Born 1957 in Hamburg and living in the Black Forrest region in the south west of Germany Karl H. Warkentin is photographer, teacher and editor for photography. He has a technical education as well as an education in design and graphic arts. He is concerned with photography since 1970 and using digital image editing since 1996. But photography is not just his profession, it is his vocation.

Since 2000 he has published a huge number of articles in photo magazines and books in Germany and other countries, is teaching photography at various schools in Germany and is organizing photo workshops e.g. at Lanzarote, in France, Moroc, Portugal and the UAE. Since 2002 he is leading a photography class and also doing workshops for individuals and companies about all photographic subjects. He also is a coach for photographers and photo artists and a commercial photographer as well.

His free work includes Landscape, Travel, Nature, Architecture, Portraits and Fine Art Nude. A lot more than 100 of his articles about photography and portfolios showing his work have been printed in photography magazines and books in Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Russia. In a TV report and a lot of large single and group exhibitions e. g. in Dresden, Hamburg and Munich his work has been displayed.

1957 Born in Hamburg, Germany
1972 – 1976 Education as tv technician and darkroom assistant
1977 – 1980 Working as Color darkroom technician
1982 – 1988 Studying graphic arts at FH Hamburg, Dep. of Design
1986 – 2002 Working as typographer and graphic artist
Since 1986 Working as photographer
1995 – 2000 Teaching computer design at various design schools
1997 – 2014 Teaching photography at Kunstschule Alsterdamm – The school of visual arts
Since 1999 Teaching photography nationwide and internationally
2000 Moving to Oberkirch, Blackforrest, south of Germany
Since 2000 More than 100 publications in German and international photo magazines
Since 2002 Photo trainer at Kunstschule Offenburg (art school)
Since 2003 Photo trainer at vhs im LK München Nord
Since 2004 Many exhibitions in Dresden, Munich, Offenburg and at various other places
2004 – 2006 Photo trainer for Minolta System Club (MSC) and KonicaMinolta System Club (KMSC)
Since 2013 Photo trainer for the workshop tour oparator artistravel
2014 My first photo instructions book “Der Weg zum guten Bild” (The path to a good picture) has been published
2016 My photo instructions book “Cyanotypie Digital” has been published
2016 Artistic director of the integration project “with your eyes” for young refugees from Afghanistan, sponsored by “Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth”.
2018 My photo instructions book “Fotografieren auf Reisen” has been published
Memberships: DPV, VG Bild-Kunst, VG-Wort