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  • Lightroom magic with “Generative AI Removal”, 2024-05-28
    Yesterday I installed the latest version of Lightroom Classic 13.3. It contains some improvements and new features, and of course I was very interested in what AI ​​does in Lightroom.…
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  • Minimalism in photography, 2023-03-01
    Minimalism in photography is not just a way to create expressive, unusual and attractive images that will make you admire. It is also a way to develop a sure eye…
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  • Digital Infrared, 2023-02-07
    Digital infrared photography is an attractive "niche" subject in photography that few photography enthusiasts devote themselves to. However, "infrared digital" is by no means as complicated as some interested parties…
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  • Sensor cleaning and camera maintenance, 2023-01-21
    Since we have been taking digital photos with SLR or mirrorless cameras, our photographic equipment needs more care and cleaning than in analogue times. The reason for this is simple:…
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  • Cyanotype – The Art of Blue Images, 2023-01-21
    Cyanotype is “The Art of Blue Pictures” that has fascinated me for a long time. It is one of the oldest photographic techniques of all. The technique was and is…
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  • Old glass with bokeh, 2023-01-21
    When photographers talk about old glass, they usually don't think of the recycling container. This is about a completely different kind of "collecting valuables", namely about old lenses from earlier…
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