Minimalism in photography

Minimalism in photography is not just a way to create expressive, unusual and attractive images that will make you admire. It is also a way to develop a sure eye for a clearer image structure in “normal” photography and to achieve better-proportioned image designs.

That is the reason why minimalist photography fascinates me in two ways: First of all, the means of minimalist photography succeed in producing very attractive and unusual pictures, which are usually an eye-catcher. Secondly, minimalism in photography is a very excellent school of image design, with which one learns to simply come to better designed images, even with photographs that are not designed in a minimalist way.

Minimalismus in der Fotografie - In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft
„Minimalismus in der Fotografie – In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft“, my book on the subject

Even if the topic is not “light fare”, it quickly becomes clear that minimalist photography, whatever you mean by it, is a great way to train and improve your own photographic vision and understanding. It’s obvious that it wasn’t about the quick, striking result. The way is the goal when you dedicate yourself to minimalism in photography. The subtitle of my book indicates what is so special about minimalist photography: The strenght is to be found in serenity.

A typically minimalist photo
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Minimalism in photography is the application of photographic and pictorial means to the last consequence and in great perfection. It’s not about slavishly adhering to certain design rules, such as the golden ratio or quality contrast. Rather, the synergy of convincing composition and maximum reduction of the design elements is the way to minimalist photography, which triggers strong positive emotions in both the designer and the viewer.

At first glance, the photo doesn’t look very minimalist, but the reduction to a few colors and the street scene shot strictly at right angles is ultimately quite minimalist. It’s a subject that can easily be captured with a mobile phone.

There is something else that is pleasing about minimalist photography: you don’t necessarily need extensive and expensive photographic equipment to take minimalist photos. Minimalist photos can even be taken with a mobile phone, because it is not complex camera technology that leads to a spectacular photo, but a trained eye and practice in composing an exciting picture composition.

Everything about minimalism in photography

With books, online and face-to-face courses in my online shop, there are many ways to learn about minimalist photography and create minimalist photos with professional guidance.

However you tackle the topic, whether with a classic Leica, just a fixed focal length lens and black and white film, with the iPhone or with complex equipment and reduction in motif and design, it is an exciting topic that will not let you go so quickly, once the first successes have been achieved.

For several years I consciously used my iPhone as a “real” camera – not to take family snapshots or to make optical notes. I took pictures with it and made a conscious decision to use the iPhone over my professional SLR equipment, or even use it in parallel.

Minimalistische Fotografie mit iPhone und der Hipstamatic-App
Minimalist photography with iPhone and the Hipstamatic app

Try it yourself …

Classroom and online courses on minimalism in photography, the photographic textbook „Minimalismus in der Fotografie – In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft“ and the picture book „minimalismusfoto“ is available in my online shop.

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