Cyanotype – The Art of Blue Images

Cyanotype is “The Art of Blue Pictures” that has fascinated me for a long time. It is one of the oldest photographic techniques of all. The technique was and is particularly popular because of its ease of use and the inexpensive materials and tools used for production, as well as the fact that you don’t even need a darkroom to produce the prints. This makes it a particularly attractive “alternative photographic technique”, as analogue photographic processes are often called, especially nowadays.

Erfinder der Cyanotypie: Sir John Friedrich Herschel
Inventor of the cyanotype: Sir John Friedrich Herschel

Although we mostly take digital photos today, this is precisely why we have another advantage. Digital technology with its many possibilities is predestined for the combination of modern digital photography and old analog cyanotype. The negatives required for the production of a cyanotype can hardly be produced more easily than with digital means. The materials and tools for this are simple and inexpensive, so it’s worth trying the cyanotype experiment for yourself. As a reward you get creative and artistic unique pieces that you can use as gifts, postcards, wall decorations and much more.

Cyanotype on watercolor paper

In my online shop there is an easy-to-follow instruction book “Cyanotype for Digital Photographers – The Art of Blue Images” with simple step-by-step instructions, as well as face-to-face and online workshops on cyanotype and materials you will need can be ordered online.

Everything for the cyanotype

In my Online-Shop you will get know-how and materials to try the cyanotype yourself in practice.

Another example of a cyanotype from a digital photo

You can easily make cyanotypes yourself, the chemicals used are less dangerous than some household cleaning products. This is why cyanotype is also popular with children and young people at school. If you have enough sunshine, you don’t even need a special light source.

Templates can be negatives that you can make yourself from your digital photos, but objects can also be turned into interesting, artistic photograms with cyanotype.

Try it yourself …

Classroom and online courses on cyanotype, the practical manual “Cyanotype for Digital Photographers – The Art of Blue Images” and the most important materials are available in my online shop.

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